Corporate Social Investment Initiatives

The Southwest Louisiana Workforce Resource Guide is a step-by-step guide that helps individuals choose a career, acquire training, certifications and basic life skills, prepare a resume and ultimately land a job in support of area industry. The initiative targets the estimated 20 percent of the Southwest Louisiana unemployed and undereducated population who might otherwise be left out of the workforce development pipeline. 

Community Partners: Southwest Louisiana Chamber-Economic Development Alliance, Calcasieu Parish Library System, Calcasieu Business and Career Solutions Center. 

For more information about the Southwest Louisiana Workforce Resource Guide, download the fact sheet

To view the full guide, please visit

Partners in Education
Currently, Sasol North America has four established Partners in Education schools: Combre-Fondel Elementary (Lake Charles, La), Emerson Elementary (Houston, Tx), Western Heights Elementary (Westlake, La) and Westwood Elementary (Westlake, La). Through these partnerships, Sasol employees take an active role in engaging area students in programs that foster mentorship and life skills development. Sasol's Partners in Education program also seeks to enhance school-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum as well as educator professional development programs. 

Community Partners: Banners at McNeese State University, Big Brother Big Sisters of Southwest Louisiana, Calcasieu Area Boy Scouts, Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, Calcasieu Parish School Board, Junior Achievement of Southwest Louisiana, The Children’s Museum of Southwest Louisiana

For more information about Partners in Education, download the fact sheet

Community members identified a need to restore, preserve and enhance local ecosystems with tree-planting being a suggested community-based project to that end. Sasol partnered with the McNeese State University Harold and Pearl Dripps Department of Agricultural Science and 11 other community organizations, the local school system and countless individual community members to develop and launch the 1,000 trees in 1,000 days program. All tree plantings to take place in Calcasieu Parish, with priority given to nominations within the City of Westlake. The community-led steering committee will collect and consider nominations for planting areas and select indigenous tree species based on soil compatibility.

Community Partners: McNeese State University Harold and Pearl Dripps Department of Agricultural Science, Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, City of Westlake, City of Sulphur, City of Lake Charles, Southwest Louisiana Chamber-Economic Development Alliance, Port of Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish School System, Coastal Plain Conservancy, the State of Louisiana Office of State Parks, and the State of Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry

For more information about 1,000 Trees in 1,000 Days, download the fact sheet.

Sasol partnered with the community to establish a pilot scholarship fund that provides financial support to cover tuition, training costs, support services and human resources technical support for individuals participating in the Southwest Louisiana Workforce Resource Guide program. The pilot program targets the unemployed and undereducated population in Westlake and Mossville communities.

Community Partners: Southwest Louisiana Chamber - Economic Development Alliance, Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana, Calcasieu Business & Career Solutions Center, Calcasieu Parish Library System

To apply for scholarships or to be a mentor at visit the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana's website. For more information about the Pilot Workforce Scholarship Program, download the fact sheet

The Southwest Louisiana Construction Users Council is a forum through which contractors, engineering firms and local owners or users of construction and maintenance services address local contract labor needs. In preparing for the high growth expected in the area, the SLCUC identified a need for advance funding to provide pre-training for the local construction craft workforce. Sasol pre-paid $635,000 of its SLCUC fees for construction craft training and associated costs.

Community Partners: Associated Builders and Contractors Southwest Training Center, Southwest Louisiana Construction Users Council

For more information about SLCUC advance funding, download the fact sheet.

Sasol partnered with local business development organizations to develop a Small Business Resource Guide that provides step-by-step guidance on how to start a new business and information about how to work with Louisiana industry. The guide will direct readers to local organizations and programs that provide assistance with starting new businesses, growing existing businesses and connecting with companies that need those services. Sasol also funds monthly certification workshops and other small business development trainings for area businesses and entrepreneurs.

Community Partners: Louisiana Economic Development, Southwest Louisiana Chamber- Economic Development Alliance, Louisiana SEED Center at McNeese State University

To download the full guide and view the latest workshop schedule, visit For more information about the Small Business Resource Guide, download the fact sheet. 

Following the closing of Sasol's voluntary property purchase program, the Mossville community expressed interest in preserving the history of the area. The Imperial Calcasieu Museum is leading a history project to capture, preserve and make available the written and oral history of the people and community of Mossville. The research will be available to the general public at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, the McNeese Archives and LSU Libraries Special Collections, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Collections. Audio, video and images will be available through the McNeese Library, the Calcasieu Parish Library System and through the Louisiana State University Library servers.  

Community Partners: Imperial Calcasieu Museum, Louisiana State University T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History

To view the project's progress, visit Imperial Calcasieu Museum's website. For more information about the Mossville History Project, download the fact sheet.

Sasol partnered with the Calcasieu Area Boy Scouts Troop 86 in Westlake to restore the Mossville Morning Star Cemetery, a final resting place for generations of Mossville residents. In April 2016, Sasol employees, the boy scouts and Mossville residents worked together to clean-up the graveyard by picking up litter, removing overgrowth, planting flowers, filling low lying areas, pressure washing graves and installing solar lights and  signage. Additionally, Sasol funded installation of a hurricane fence with a double gate around the property, maintaining 24-hour public access.

Community Partners: Calcasieu Area Boy Scouts Troop 86, Imperial Calcasieu Museum

To view before and after photos, click here.

Chem Corner
For more than 10 years, Sasol and the Children’s Museum have cohosted Sasol’s Second Saturday Science Shows conducted by Sasol for Good employee volunteers.  Expanding on this partnership, Sasol and the Children’s Museum of Lake Charles are building a Sasol exhibit with an overarching goal to develop the naturally inquisitive behaviors of youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and to inspire students, teachers and family members alike to increase their STEM literacy and see engineering and industry as an exciting and creative career path. The interactive exhibit will provide a safety-focused, science and technology-based, teamwork-driven experience that reinforces the core values Sasol employees use every day.

Community Partners: The Children’s Museum of Lake Charles, Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana



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