Heavy Haul Route
The heavy haul route is the route that Sasol and its contractors are using to transport large modules and other equipment from a construction dock off of Sulphur Avenue to Sasolís project site. Sasol worked with Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, the City of Westlake and 16 Louisiana businesses (10 of which from Southwest Louisiana) to widen and strengthen the existing roads on the route as well as relocate utilities, signage, and traffic signals to accommodate the modules and equipment. Click here to read FAQ about the project. 

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Previous Transports:

Boiler Transport Facts:
Function: The boiler provides steam to the ethane cracker and six derivatives units.
Weight: 930 tons
Dimensions: 117 feet long; 46.5 feet wide; 50 feet tall
Speed: 3 - 4 miles per hour
Duration: 4 hours

Water Quench Tower Transport Facts:
Function: Incoming hot, cracker gas is cooled in the water quench tower to a suitable temperature for compression.
Weight: 483 tons
Dimensions: 176 feet tall
Speed: 3 - 4 miles per hour
Duration: 4 hours

Last Updated: Feb. 7, 2018



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