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Sasol and Mossville

Sasol is proud of our engagement with our neighbors in Mossville, Louisiana, a community west of our Lake Charles Chemical Complex. From the early stages of our ethane cracker and derivatives project, we’ve continually reached out to Mossville residents to keep them informed of our plans and solicit their input on what we can do to make a positive difference in their community. The result is an extensive, ongoing partnership between Sasol and Mossville to address their desires, give them the choices they asked for, and provide sustainable, long-term support to increase economic opportunities.

Sasol’s unprecedented engagement with Mossville has been referred to by a former EPA administrator as a “model” for other companies to follow, and Sasol was a featured presenter at the EPA Region 6 2016 Environmental Justice Summit.

Mossville Asked: Would you buy our properties and help us move?
Sasol Said: Let us see what we can do.
Result: Voluntary Property Purchase Program

In July 2013, Sasol announced a Voluntary Property Purchase Program (VPPP) for residents in eligible areas to the north and west of its existing facility, including most of Mossville. The VPPP provides property owners with offers greater than market value for their property and gives them an opportunity to move to a residential area of their choosing.

The program is entirely voluntary and is designed to give our neighbors choices. The offers typically amount to the appraised value of the property plus 40-60 percent. For owner-occupied homes appraised at less than $100,000, the 60-percent markup is added to a minimum value of $100,000. Other allowances and bonuses are available to help ease the burden of relocation.

Mossville Asked: Given the changes happening in Mossville, can you help us ensure that the community’s history is preserved?
Sasol Said: Let us see what we can do.
Result: Mossville History Project

A steering committee of Mossville residents and the Imperial Calcasieu Museum spearheaded a history project, funded by Sasol, to preserve and make available the written and oral history of the people and community of Mossville. An exhibit featuring written and oral histories, copies of family photographs, aerial photographs, video and photographs of standing structures and artifacts is now housed at the museum’s annex gallery. The research is available to the general public at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, the McNeese Archives and LSU Libraries Special Collections, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Collections. Audio, video and images are available through the McNeese Library, the Calcasieu Parish Library System and through the Louisiana State University Library servers.

Mossville Asked: Can you help our unemployed and underemployed residents learn how to get a job with industry and improve their lives?
Sasol Said: Let us see what we can do.
Result: Southwest Louisiana Workforce Resource Guide

The Southwest Louisiana Workforce Resource Guide, funded by Sasol, is a step-by-step guide that helps individuals choose a career, acquire training, certifications and basic life skills, prepare a resume and ultimately land a job in support of area industry. The initiative targets the estimated 20 percent of the Southwest Louisiana unemployed and underemployed population who might otherwise be left out of the workforce development pipeline. The program also includes a mentorship component.

Mossville Asked: The Workforce Resource Guide is great, but now can you help its participants get training?
Sasol Said: Let us see what we can do.
Result: Pilot Workforce Scholarship Program

Sasol partnered with the community to establish a pilot scholarship fund that provides financial support to cover tuition, training costs, support services and human resources technical support for individuals participating in the Southwest Louisiana Workforce Resource Guide program. The pilot program targets the unemployed and underemployed population in Westlake and Mossville communities. The first 50 scholarship recipients were announced in May 2015.

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