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We’re Building…Local Business

Bryan Hollingsworth
Owner, Business Health Partners

“I have personally seen countless small businesses increase their hiring over the last couple of years and I expect this trend to continue. The financial benefit and experience provided by the Sasol U.S. Mega Project will be used by many local small businesses, including BHP, to increase their product lines and tap into other markets that were previously unattainable.”




Business Health Partners (BHP), a Sulphur-based occupational medicine clinic, began its partnership with Sasol’s Southwest Louisiana facility in 1995. Now BHP provides all aspects of occupational medicine, including new hire, OSHA medical surveillance, drug testing and medical record management for Sasol’s North America sites. Bryan Hollingsworth has worked in occupational medicine for over 14 years. He served as an infantryman in the Louisiana National Guard and worked in industrial settings before beginning work with Business Health Partners in 2001. Since then, he has worked as a registered nurse and clinical manager at BHP and became Managing Member and part owner in 2010. He has served as the project manager for many onsite projects and was instrumental in the successful development and execution of ongoing projects with major companies across the Gulf Coast.



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