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Calcasieu Parish School Board Update
The Calcasieu Parish School Board announced that the district is hoping to finalize plans for virtual instruction soon and begin offering it as early as September 28. This virtual plan will be the primary educational option until schools and facilities are ready for students to return in a face-to-face environment. Please visit here for additional parish updates.


For the latest updates from Entergy, visit here.
For the latest updates from Beauregard Electric Co-Op (BECi), visit here.


Hurricane Laura Emergency Information for Calcasieu Residents
Please visit here for parish updates including:
  • Access to medical supplies
  • Food distribution
  • School closures
  • Waste management and debris removal
  • Traffic conditions and road clearance


EPA Tools for Communities Cleaning Up after Hurricane Laura
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reminds communities, families, and business owners affected by Hurricane Laura to take steps to make storm cleanup as safe and effective as possible. Visit here for more information about safety and resources for debris cleanup.


Tide Loads of Hope
Tide, a brand of Sasol customer Procter & Gamble, has deployed its mobile laundromat service to support relief and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Laura. The Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundry vehicles will begin services in Lake Charles, Louisiana, providing free, full-service laundry to residents affected by the recent hurricane. Visit here for more information.


Sasol’s Employee Assistance Program
Sasol’s EAP offers employees and family members support, information and resources related to dealing with feelings of worry, disruption, grief and loss. Contact IBH at 800-395-1616 anytime (24/7) to confidentially speak one-on-one with a professional. The service is provided free of charge of Sasol employees.


Health Services


Telehealth/Telemedicine Services
We realize the majority of health care providers in the affected areas have also been disrupted. We want to remind you that Cigna customers have access to telehealth services provided by MDLIVE and Amwell. Customers can access telehealth services during this crisis using their smartphone by calling toll-free 24x7x365: MDLIVE 888.726.3171; Amwell: 855.667.9722


Because of the impact that Hurricane Laura has had in Texas and Louisiana, and to ensure that our members in Texas and Louisiana have convenient access to their prescriptions during this trying time, effective immediately, Cigna Pharmacy Management has ordered the waiving of all “Refill Too Soon” restrictions in Texas and Louisiana. This order is effective for 30 days, from 08/26/2020 to 09/25/2020.


Have you enrolled in an AFLAC policy and need to make a claim? Please use this link


Access to loans or hardship withdrawals in your 401(k) account can help alleviate financial burdens from disaster recovery. You can contact Fidelity directly at 800-860-8283 or use the linked document that will walk you through the process online of taking a loan or a hardship withdrawal.


Accessing eTime remotely
Please see the instructions on accessing eTime from your mobile device. If you encounter problems or password issues please contact IM at 281-588-3700.
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