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Olaf Muller
Lake Charles Chemicals Project Manager Site Logistics & Services, Sasol

“As an international petrochemical company, Sasol provides opportunities to work with different cultures and in different countries around the world. Sasol is at the forefront of technology development, and we have a ‘never give up’ attitude.”

Olaf Muller, a South African native, has worked on three continents in various roles at Sasol. Olaf is currently the manager of site logistics and services for the Lake Charles Chemical Project. He is responsible for all temporary construction facilities, construction equipment, general site services, scaffolding and materials handling. Olaf completed his education at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, where he held a Sasol-sponsored scholarship. He began his career as an operations researcher at Sasol Synfuels operations in Secunda, South Africa in 2008. In 2013, he moved to Rome, Italy, where he worked as package project manager on Sasol’s U.S. Gas-to-Liquids project. Olaf joined LCCP in 2015 to manage construction indirects, prior to his current position.




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