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Paul Leger
Workforce Scholarship Program Graduate, Combo Welding at ABC School

“My dream is to be a pipeline worker, but I’m also going to continue going to school to learn how to do underwater work. I’m living and building on my dreams, while being able to support my family.”

In December 2014, Paul Leger, a Lake Charles native and father of one, put his dreams of attending school to become an underwater welder on hold to provide for his family. With only a high school diploma and little formal education or craft training, Paul accepted a position as a prep cook on an offshore oil rig. Unbeknownst to Paul, he would soon learn about the Workforce Scholarship Program, become one of program’s first 50 recipients, begin his training for a high demand skill-set and kickoff his journey toward a meaningful career. As part of the program, he attended computer literacy classes from the Literacy Council of Southwest Louisiana and received hearing aids through the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services. In May 2016, Paul received his combo welding certification at Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) school.




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