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Product Stewardship

Sasol Chemicals (USA) utilizes a science- and risk-based approach for prioritizing its products produced in the United States. It employs a screening level assessment that considers both the degree of hazard and extent of exposure potential in setting priorities. This process is based on the American Chemistry Council Prioritization Screening Approach and includes use of the U.N. Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) criteria for both human and ecological health. These criteria are based on toxicology and ecological data. The screening assessment also considers how a product is used and its use pattern (e.g., industrial, commercial or consumer uses), its production volume, and whether the product is persistent or bioaccumulative. The hazard and exposure elements described above are considered together when placing a product grouping in a risk-based prioritization ranking.

Using this assessment, Sasol Chemicals (USA) product categories are categorized as High, Medium, and Low Risk. Product Stewardship Summaries are then developed for these product groups based on the Risk categorization. These summaries provide general product information and are not intended to provide comprehensive safety, health and environmental information. Sasol safety data sheets and safe handling documents are available for further details.


Product Stewardship Summaries:

Additional safety information:

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