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Product Application Areas

Sasol products are used in the production process of numerous everyday products made worldwide and benefit the lives of millions of people around the world.

They include hot-melt adhesives, car products, microchip coatings, printing inks, household and industrial paints, mobile phone circuit boards, transport fuels, compact discs, medical lasers, sun creams, perfumes and plastic bottles. Access our product catalog and search the database.

Agrochemicals Sasol offers a wide range of fatty alcohols as well as alcohol ethoxylates and iso/paraffinic solvents for use in agrochemical market.
Alumina Sasol aluminas offer high chemical purity and key properties such as acid and/or water dispersibility, pore volume and particle size adjustment, and high residual surface area. Produced for more than 50 years, these products have found their way into a broad range of applications, including catalyst supports, coatings, polymer additives, thickeners, refractories, abrasives, ceramics, and many more.
Detergents Sasol is a producer of linear alkylbenzene (LAB), alcohol ethoxylates, branched-, linear- and semi-linear fatty alcohols for use in the detergent market.
Enhanced Oil Recovery Sasol is a global supplier of raw materials and surfactants for the chemical enhanced oil recovery market.
Industrial & Institutional Sasol is a global supplier of alcohols, alcohol ethoxylates, solvents, paraffins and linear alkyl benzene sulfonates for the Industrial and Institutional cleaning markets.
Metalworking & Lubricants Sasol offers a broad portfolio of formulation agents, base oils and intermediates for the metalworking and lubricants market.
Oilfield Chemicals Sasol is a global supplier of raw materials for the oilfield chemistry market. Our products and raw materials are used by our customers in their products servicing all areas of oil and gas production.
Personal Care Our product portfolio consists of linear and branched fatty alcohols, alcohol ethoxylates, esters, and isocarboxylic acids.
Phase Change Materials Sasol offers a wide range of single cut and blend paraffins, as well as a variety of other compounds.
Pica Sasol’s PICA (Paints Inks, Coatings, and Adhesives) materials offer the customer a wide range of options surfactants, solvents, polymer building blocks to improve or enhance the finished products properties.
Phenolics Our phenolic products include high purity cresols, xylenols and a variety of specialty cresylic acid blends.
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