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Boehmite, High Purity Alumina and Hydrotalcite

The main focus of Sasol’s ‘Inorganic and Catalysts’ business unit is the production of synthetic aluminas and boehmites derived from aluminum alkoxides. Our aluminas and boehmites have high chemical purity and dispersibility. Important properties such as pore volume, particle size and specific surface area can be adjusted. Due to our ability to adjust the key physical properties of the aluminas, these aluminas and boehmites have found their way into a broad range of different applications, including catalyst supports, coatings, polymer additives, sol-gel abrasives, and ceramics.

We are a producer of:

  • Boehmite
  • High purity alumina
  • Dispersible alumina
  • Hydrotalcites
  • Silica alumina
  • Alumina spheres, beads, and extrudates

Product Information:
Catapal/Pural – Boehmite Aluminas – download the brochure
Catalox/Puralox – Activated Aluminas – download the brochure
Dispal/Disperal – Dispersible Aluminas – download the brochure

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