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Our phenolic products include high purity cresols, xylenols and a variety of specialty cresylic acid blends. These are used to produce resins, antioxidants, functional fluids, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuel additives, wire enamel, mining chemicals, solvents and various chemical intermediates.

Phenolic products include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Phenol (PH40)
  • o-Cresol (OC305)
  • meta,para-Cresols (MP90 and MP99)
  • p-Cresol (PC99)
  • m-Cresol (MC99)
  • 2,4/2,5-Xylenols (LBX98)
  • Other xylenols and various blends (CA68, CA69, WES259 and others upon request)

Search our technical & safety data for information on Sasol’s Phenolic product line.

Additional Phenolic Safety Information

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