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Media Release

Sasol advances ethane cracker and derivatives project with purchase of long-lead equipment

Media Release

Lake Charles, Louisiana, (USA) – Sasol today announced its placing of a purchase
order for the main ethylene compressor trains, a critical long-lead item for the world scale ethane cracker, from MHI Compressor International Corporation.

“The placement of this order has secured vital manufacturing capacity of this specialty equipment before the expected heating of the market. Sasol selected MHI Compressor International Corporation because of its reputation as a leading manufacturer and one of the few that have the capability to manufacture equipment of this size and nature,” said Johan du Preez, Sasol Executive Vice President: US Mega Projects.

On 3 December 2012, Sasol announced the commencement of the front-end
engineering and design phase for a world-scale ethane cracker with downstream
derivatives, at its Lake Charles site in southwest Louisiana. Sasol also recently selected the UNIPOL ™ Polyethylene Process of Univation Technologies, LLC and the tubular process technology from ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Licensing LLC for the new linear low density polyethylene and low density polyethylene plants in Louisiana, respectively.

“This forms part of Sasol’s strategy of building globally competitive downstream facilities and adding value to the already low cost ethylene production opportunity in North America,” said André de Ruyter, Sasol’s Senior Group Executive for Global Chemicals and North American Operations.


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