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Media Release

Sasol issues reminder to Voluntary Property Purchase Program eligible residents regarding early sign-up bonus deadline

Media Release

Westlake, Louisiana – The early sign-up period for Sasol’s Voluntary Property Purchase Program ends Oct. 4, 2013. Those property owners and renters who sign up on or before Oct. 4 are eligible to receive a $1,000 early sign-up bonus when they close a transaction with Sasol.

“We understand involvement in the program is a personal decision and that many residents have specific circumstances,” said Mike Hayes, manager of public affairs for Sasol U.S. Mega Projects. “We truly hope residents in the program area will consider taking the time to sit with our counselors and discuss their options before making a decision on whether or not to participate in the program.”

The Information Center for the Voluntary Property Purchase Program is located at the former Mossville Elementary School at 3301 Old Spanish Trail in Westlake. If an eligible property owner or renter would like to take advantage of the early sign-up bonus, please contact the information center at 337.310.8200. For more information on the program, please visit the program website at

In July 2013, Sasol announced plans to introduce a Voluntary Property Purchase Program for residents in designated areas northwest and west of its existing facility in Westlake, Louisiana. This Program is strictly voluntary and provides eligible property owners the option to sell their property to Sasol and relocate to an alternative neighborhood, if they so choose.

Sasol has retained an experienced, third party contractor, Community Interaction Consulting, Inc. (CIC), to administer the Program. CIC has more than 20 years of experience administering best practice property purchase programs around the country.


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