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SasolTEXT is a text message notification system that keeps the Southwest Louisiana community informed about ongoing activities at Sasol’s Lake Charles Chemicals Project.

As Sasol continues the commissioning process, we will do our best to notify the community in advance of activities that may generate increased noise or visibility. If you would like to receive up-to-date information directly to your phone, please click “Register for SasolTEXT” below.

If you are registering for the first time or if you previously registered before July 15, 2015:

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Click “No, I am new”
  3. Click “New User” to enter your information
  4. After creating a password, enter your address, cell phone number and email address (if desired) to ensure you receive all alerts. If you would like to receive construction updates via email, select the “Construction Updates” group at the end of the form.


If you are experiencing issues receiving SasolTEXT, please text the word START to our short code 76127. Texting this code should eliminate blocks or routing issues from your phone.

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