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Technical & Safety Data Sheets

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PURALOX® and CATALOX® are the trademarks for the aluminum oxides (Al2O3 – gamma alumina, delta alumina and theta alumina) derived from the controlled activation of high purity aluminas.

The proprietary processes used in the preparation of these high purity aluminum oxides allow us to control many important physical properties and hence “tailor-make” a product for your process. Due to the tightly controlled processing conditions during and after manufacturing these aluminum oxides, PURALOX® and CATALOX® provide excellent specific catalytic activities, high surface area stability and low attrition loss.

PURALOX® and CATALOX® are arguably the best starting materials for the catalyst industry where consistency and an unobtrusive nature of the support are highly desired. These characteristics are of great importance for fluid and slurry bed reactions.

Due to their high thermal stability, PURALOX® and CATALOX® are widely used raw materials for wash coat formulations in emission-control catalysts.

Click here to download the PURLAOX® – CATALOX® brochure.

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